Business activities are, on daily basis, resulting in massive amount of data. However, the total value of this data has remained elusive because; it is generated by different sections (Front Office, House-Keeping, Kitchen, Store, Finance, Human Resource, etc) across the company. Secondly, it is stored in different platforms (ERP, CRM, HR, etc). Thirdly, it is not converted into insightful information.
The effects of these are that, more often than not, the line managers will not have reports, when and in the way desired, so they can monitor how their departments are performing, understand and address the source of variations. The Executives will, often time, not get information / reports in the nick of time. The version of received reports, good number of time, will be a function of the department that generated it or when it is generated. In some other instances, the Executives won’t be in the known of trend of activities until week(s) after. These, among others, constitute a clog in the wheel of progress.
Yurbi Business Intelligence is the solution that comes to the rescue. The BI solution converts data into insightful information and create one uniform platform to enable “single version of the truth”. It enables, subject to permission, the Executives, Managers, etc, access real time data and information and reports, without recourse to any person / department. Furthermore, users can link company’s data anytime, anywhere, from any device, including Smartphone; affording the opportunity to take insightful decisions as and when situation demands
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